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United Way Cape Breton

Virtual Volunteer Tutor

Application Deadline


Last updated on this site:

May 29, 2020


academic support, tutor, children and youths

Volunteer Description

Due to COVID-19, school age children and their parents and caregivers are trying to navigate online school. There has been an increase for extra help, as children, with the help of parents and caregivers try to complete online assignments. We are doing a call for volunteer tutors.

As a volunteer tutor with United Way Cape Breton, you will be helping to improve lives and build community on the island of Cape Breton by supporting the full path of development to help children and youth achieve their potential.

Contact Organization


Application Method

Key Position Responsibilities

This position is a virtual volunteering opportunity that tutors will complete remotely, from the safety and comfort of their own home. The hours will depend on the demand of the students as well as the availability of the tutors. We have reached out to various organizations to address the specific needs of students within our community. There will be a focus on grades 4-8, however the program will be open to all grades. In addition to providing academic support to students, tutor sessions may also be used as a general check-in with students. There will be a virtual meeting with United Way Cape Breton staff prior to the tutors’ first sessions with students, as well as check-ins during sessions from United Way Cape Breton staff throughout the tutoring program.

Qualifications and Requirements

All tutors will receive orientation from United Way Cape Breton staff prior to their first online tutoring session with students.

Collaboration, Communicate in Plain Language, Facilitation and Training, Creative Thinking, Respect

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