Kitchner Public Library

(You)th Stories

Application Deadline


Last updated on this site:

May 29, 2020



Volunteer Description

(You)th Stories showcases the writing and visual art of local youth on the (You)th website ( about stories that impact their daily lives with a new topic every two months.

Time Commitment
Volunteers will be given three hours per month for their submission as well as their e-mail check-ins with Children’s & Teen Services library staff, counting towards high school community involvement requirements.

Contact Organization

Application Method

Complete application form on:

No interview, reference, or police record checks needed.

Key Position Responsibilities

• Correspond with Children’s & Teen Services library staff via e-mail once every two weeks to update them on their progress and workshop their pieces
• Submit ONE of the following per month: 500 word story, 2-3 long-form poems, 3-5 short-form poems, or one piece of visual art

• Volunteers are required to send in a draft of their piece to Children’s & Teen Services staff for feedback before sending in their final product at the end of the month to keep their position

Qualifications and Requirements

• Must be 12-18 years old
• An interest and strong ability in creative writing or visual art
• Must live, work, or go to school in the Region of Waterloo

Screening Process
(1) Complete and submit an application; (2) receive confirmation; (3) receive notification of next steps.

• If the prospective candidates have a successful initial application, they must submit a portfolio of one piece of creative writing or one piece of visual art via e-mail that displays their strength in their preferred medium (creative writing or visual art)