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Kitchner Public Library

(You)th Connectors

Application Deadline


Last updated on this site:

May 29, 2020



Volunteer Description

(You)th Connectors create content (letters, creative writing, and visual art) to be sent to local seniors homes and groups in order to create connections between the two generations.

Volunteers will be given one hour per month for their submission/participation, counting towards high school community involvement requirements.

Contact Organization

Application Method

Complete application form on:

No interview, reference, or police record checks needed.

Key Position Responsibilities

Submit ONE of the following per month: 500 word letter to a senior, 500 word short story, or one piece of visual art.
• Content is submitted to the Librarian, Teen Services via e-mail who then curates the content to be sent to local seniors homes and groups through the Kitchener Public Library Visiting Library Service.
• Seniors will be able to respond to (You)th Connectors through their own writing or art in order to create conversation between the two groups in these artistic mediums
• Letters and creative writing are expected to have proper spelling, be grammatically correct, and not contain any profane language
• Visual art is expected to be appropriate for all audiences

Qualifications and Requirements

• Must be 12-18 years old
• An interest and strong ability in creative writing or visual art
• Must live, work, or go to school in the Region of Waterloo

(1) Complete and submit an application; (2) receive confirmation; (3) receive notification of next steps.

If the prospective candidates have a successful initial application, they must submit a portfolio of one piece of creative writing or one piece of visual art via e-mail that displays their strength in their preferred medium (creative writing or visual art)

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