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Start Preparing for your University Learning!

Hello fellow STEM students! Are you ready for your university life? It is shocking that September is just around the corner.

Recently graduated grade 12s are getting ready to learn in a different environment and meet new people in a larger school community. As we all know, there has been a lot of changes to our learning experiences since March 2020, most grade 12s had to adapt quickly to a new way of learning, and some did not even get the chance to complete a final exam. Some of you may feel that there are gaps in your knowledge or that you may not be as well-prepared as you hoped for university. Some students find that the disruption to their last year of high school have caused added concerns for their university academics and may think that they are in a disadvantageous position when courses start. We all realize your concerns with how your fall learning is going to be. Navigating the traditional (or ‘normal’) style of university learning is already a challenge itself that requires time and effort to handle, but now incoming students have to do so remotely. Don’t worry! Your university has prepared ample amount of resources for you to access ahead of the school year (and during the school year too!). Some of the transition and learning resources are offered every year to incoming students, while some of the resources were created this year specifically for you! Depending on your university’s offerings, there are online modules ranging from developing your learning skills (e.g. reading in university and lecture-style learning) to STEM diagnostic and content refresher (in academic writing, Sciences, and Mathematics). Below we have listed a few of the resources that you can start browsing to help ease your university transition coming September!

List of University Student Transition Resources on OUAC:

Western University – SmartStart:

University of Toronto Mississauga – Head Start Program:

University of Toronto – Free Academic Resources:

McMaster University – Student Success Centre:

Queen’s University - Academic Skills and Writing Resources:

University of Ottawa – Workshops and Bridging Programs – Faculty of Science:

Ryerson University – Get Ryerson Ready:

Waterloo University – Waterloo Ready:

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