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Joining STEM Clubs!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

By: Simone Miklosi

Signing up for courses is right around the corner! For many STEM first years there is not a lot of freedom in course selection, as the majority of courses are pre-selected mandatory classes. The first year in a STEM field can feel very general, and for me personally I craved learning about more niche STEM topics. Although, many courses in university do not specialize until second year STEM focused clubs are a great way to explore more niche topics and potential careers. Joining STEM based clubs also helps you find different groups of like minded people, and is a great place to make friends! Entering first year can be intimidating, but clubs are a great place to start to find where you fit in at your school! Although many of us are entering this new school year in a mixed, or full online format clubs are still a great way to connect! Many university websites often have easy to navigate club pages. The club pages often contain a club description and the club’s social media so you can get in contact with different members and see if any club positions are available for the new year. I have listed the links to different club pages for Ontario universities below, and I hope you take the time to check out the different clubs your new school has to offer!

University of Waterloo: 

  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Environment and Sustainability Clubs:

University of Guelph:

  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Engineering Clubs:

  3. Student Government Clubs:

  4. Veterinary Clubs:

University of Toronto 

  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Course Based Clubs:

  3. Environment and Sustainability Clubs:

  4. Leadership Clubs :

  5. Student Government Clubs:


  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Volunteering Clubs:

  3. Health and Wellness Clubs:

Queen's University: 

  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Environment Clubs:

  3. Health and Wellness Clubs:

  4. Science and Engineering Clubs:

McMaster University:

  1. Academic Clubs:

  2. Social Issues:

University of Ottawa:


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