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Connecting With Other Students

By: Simone Miklosi

Welcome to Future in STEM Mentorship! Entering first year university in a STEM field can be pretty intimidating, but there are some initial steps you can take to familiarize yourself with your program and new community. Beyond the resources provided through our website you can connect with other first year STEM students through social media platforms. Although archaic, Facebook pages are frequently used by university students to connect different programs, graduating years, and courses. We recommend searching for some of these pages on Facebook. As well, if any of our readers have already found some we encourage you to share the links in the comments below. Future in STEM Mentorship can also help facilitate the creation of any Facebook pages if needed. Instagram is also a great resource to connect with your new school and classmates! Many schools have pages for different clubs you may be interested in, and for designated upper-year students who help first years adjust. We hope that this first post helps all of you establish yourselves in your universities/programs social media presence and connect with other students! If you have any further questions feel free to comment below!

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